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DC Comics

Batman Venom

Batman Venom
DC Comics

Batman Venom


Páginas: 143 Color
Presentación: Tapa Blanda
Editorial: DC Comics
Idioma: Ingles
Autor: Dennis O´Neil, José Luis García-López, Russell Braun, Trevor Von Eeden
Título Original: Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight núms. 16 a 20 USA

A new edition of the classic Batman tale by writer Dennis O'Neil that introduces the strength-enhancing drug Venom. After Batman fails to save a young girl, he begins taking the drug in order to lift his limitations; however, when the Dark Knight becomes addicted to the substance, his entire life begins to spiral out of control. The drug Venom later goes on to play a major role in the KNIGHTFALL storyline that sees the villain Bane breaking Batman's back.