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Image Comics

Spawn's Universe #1 - A

Spawn's Universe #1 - A
Image Comics

Spawn's Universe #1 - A


Páginas: 64 color
Presentación: Tapa Blanda
Editorial: Image Comics
Idioma: Inglés
Autor; Jim Cheung & Various (Artist), Todd McFarlane (Author)

Cover by Todd McFarlane. IT'S HERE: THE OFFICIAL INTRODUCTION TO THE LONG-AWAITED SPAWN'S UNIVERSE! A double-sized issue that begins a storyline so huge that three NEW SPAWN-related monthly titles will spill out from it, including… A new SPAWN title. GUNSLINGER SPAWN monthly. And a new TEAM book bringing a handful of these characters together in their own book. With this one-shot…the world of SPAWN changes forever! New heroes. New villains, and more importantly, new titles coming to a comic shop near you. Join this list of artists as we unveil a historic moment in the mythology of SPAWN'S UNIVERSE